For me, these tools have each repaired operating system/software problems that no other tools could.

  • Reimage, or “Reimage Plus”: (formerly “Reimage Repair”). Proprietary/Commercial. Pros: Simply magic. Cons: Licensing can be a bit draconian. If you've done shell/Windows Explorer tweaks, you may have to set them up again (it “resets” many OS settings out of the necessity of repairing/restoring them to the functional “factory” state).
  • Tweaking Dot Com All-in-one Windows Repair: Freeware, ad/donation supported.


These can get a system in “tip-top” shape. If a system is in terrible shape, these may be considered “repair” tools to get the system usable again.

  • Tweaking Dot Com Simple System Tweaker: Automatically does many optimizing settings that I used to do manually before I discovered this.
  • CCleaner: Can clean up registry settings left behind by programs (which mess up your system) which should not have been left behind. Makes Cleaning up gigabytes of temp/junk files a snap.
  • Duplicate Cleaner (by Digital Volcano): Intuitive, and with options enough to relatively-well control which groups of so many duplicate files should be deleted. The “Pro” version may be better for preserving/merging/pruning duplicate directory trees or tree sections; the music-scanning features of the pro version may also be useful (I haven't tried it).
  • Startup Monitor: Prevents programs from setting themselves to automatically run at system startup (it Monitors Folder and registry etc. items which anti-user software obnoxiously presume to set to start some program at boot without your permission). When any program so presumes to set itself, this program brings up a notice and asks you if you want to permit the change. I think that (unfortunately) if many programs do this simultaneoulsy (ahemAdobeCreativeSuiteahem), it can't keep up with the requests. In that case you can use CCleaner to disable or delete startup items. Program is abandonware; that download is form! I may get around to posting my copy of it here. Also, it would be nice to have something that monitors and prevents the installation of services that automatically start at launch. Maybe someone has already programmed that? I haven't searched.

Many others (if I ever post them . . . did I have profound reasons even to post this page to begin with?)

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