Good Philosophical and moral sense


  • Selflessness, service-mindedness, sacrifice == awareness of what is worth fighting and sacrificing for
  • People willing to acknowledge the existence of evil and to confront it when necessary
  • People who call balogna on relativism


  • Innocent entertainments
  • Entertainments that respect your should-be wish to Not Waste Too Much Time With This, e.g.
  • Video games that are not designed to be, or to be praised as being, “addicting.”


  • As easily available, reproducible and disposable as flowers
  • ~Abstract such. I believe abstract art may be the best introductory domain for dabbling. Anybody can do this. I wish more people did. I wish that (mostly vivid, colorful) abstract art was as abundant as wildflowers in lush meadows–without too much of it pouring from veritable incantations like argblerb, khreshknifedragdoom, scrreeechessence flartchMcBlarb, and OmigoshLookAtMyPostmodernMy and ooooooImpressiveArtistStatement.
  • “Green-friendly,” digital art displays to display great artworks or animated art in turns
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