Disclosure: This is a “plug.” If you download the advertized program from any link on this page, and you subsequently buy the program I'm pitching, it will give me a “cut” of the buy. So, I'm partly “out to make a buck,” here. Notwithstanding, please trust that I just don't have the soullessness necessary to “plug” anything that I am not personally “sold” on. I've tried that before, and I find it agonizing. In other words, I'm personally sold on this product; this pitch is from the heart.

The Plug (What and Why)

I manage a whopping 592 (five hundred and ninety-two) different web logins. And for every single one of them, I have a different, un-crackable password like b&fSJLK2cV9Uo5BfGdE$X, and I remember all of these passwords.

Okay, maybe I kinda lied. Unless you look at me from a transhuman perspective, where my computer could be an extension of my brain . . . it's actually the computer that remembers all that.

(I got that number by counting how many .rfp “passcard” files I have on my computer's hard drive, related to what follows.)

Without RoboForm, my web service logins would be unmanageable and far less secure, for the simple fact that I'm a human, and humans take the easy route if they can. And yet RoboForm makes life for this human much easier than it would be without. With this program (which I've happily used for many years), my web logins are far easier to keep secure, manage, and navigate.

[Insert citations that underscore the need for stringent cybersecurity practices: citations of numerous articles/studies illustrating the potential very great pitfalls of a lax attitude towards cybersecurity. Yes, oh yes, I'll use the “fear” sales tactic–because here there be dangers genuinely to fear, and dangers which this program can help you much more easily avoid.]

RoboForm enables the following:

  • Unbreakable encryption (SHA-256 by default) protecting all the information it stores, which includes web logins (URL/username/password info in “passcards”, credit card, address, and identifying numbers etc. in “identities”, and any other information which you may wish to store, including arbitrary text in “safe notes.”
  • Remember only one unbreakable password; it remembers all the others for you.
  • Securely back up and synchronize information to all your computers, smart phones, and a web service. Because everything is encrypted locally, no third party can “sniff” or “crack” your information, wherever it goes, and wherever its stored.
  • Web service to securely access your logins etc. “on the go.”
  • Password generator: quickly create and save a password like Jd$o@#4bM8*yionTGu for every web site. (No, don't use that password! It's publicly posted–and I don't use it!)
  • Lightning-quick, easy-peasy automated login to any web site.
  • Automatically fill web forms for e.g. internet shopping (with whatever credit card/address etc. you might securely store and thus use), etc.

Even if I could manage everything but that last listed feature myself (and I really can't), that last feature by itself is worth the program, in my opinion. But all the other features add unbeatable security to convenience.

You may download an installer (I believe it is free up to a certain number of passcards) directly from this wiki, using this link.

How To

Export SafeNotes to a Single, Secure Archive

One handy feature of Roboform is that it also allows you to create plain-text “Safe Notes,” safe because while your password can decrypt them to plain text, they are e.g. SHA-256 encrypted, so that it is impossible that anyone without your password could read them.

You may find it useful to periodically back up all of those safe notes into one secure, open-format file, e.g. an SHA-256-encrypted .odt file (for example, created by LibreOffice). Roboform doesn't offer a direct way to do that, but there's a roundabout way. Here's a general guide; it doesn't offer details on these steps–you may need to figure the technical details out:

  • From the RoboForm toolbar in your web browser, click Roboform→SafeNotes→Print List . . . this will bring up (I think?) an internet explorer page, dynamically created in memory, locally on your machine? It seems you can't simply copy or paste this page to plain text, though. However, you can:
  • Install a virtual printer (something that allows you to “print” any document to a .pdf). Good luck coming by a good one. I forget which one I recommend . . .
  • From this RoboForm-generated page, use the print function, and select your .pdf printer. Print to a .pdf file.
  • Open that .pdf file in a document viewer which will allow you to export it to plain text. A possible option is LibreOffice. Acrobat Pro worked for me. Export it to plain text.
  • Copy and paste that plain text file into a new .odt (e.g. LibreOffice-made) document. Save that document with a password. Now you have a secure backup of all your RoboForm safenotes in one large, secure collection.
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