Render and/or Print Resolution

Here is a target print resolution calculator–you'll need LibreOffice (far preferred by yours truly) or Microsoft Office, etc. to use it.

3DS Max Notes

To break all polygons of an object into separate objects in 3ds max:

  • First install SoulBurn Scripts in 3ds Max (refer to SoulBurn Scripts help doc).
  • Convert to editable poly.
  • In the sub-selection roll-out, select all edges, then click “split.”
  • Select all polygons.
  • Run SoulBurn Scripts objectDetacher, with your preferences. If you're dealing with very complex meshes, ticking off “Undo on” can help. Go. Bada-bing.
Lighting fix-up checklist

Things that can mess with your lighting the wrong way: Renderer panel, Automatic exposure panel, Env. lighting

Scene/object merging checklist

Have two models you want to put in one scene, but the lighting or plugin settings for each aren't harmonizing, no matter what you try? Merge two scenes into one new scene: reset, save a new empty scene to merge them both into, merge everything from one file into this new scene, then merge everything from the other file into it.

Other notes

Pending copy here: notes on creating huge terrains of grass with a grass-modeling plugin converted into a multi-res object of mr proxies, distributed over terrain prepped by Populate:Terrain and populated with grass by Populate:Panels.

And many other notes…

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