Markov gibberish generator (International Art English edition)

This is a very simple Markov chain text generator. Try it below by pushing the GO button (with the pre-selected source text in the drop down), or by selecting the "Paste any text.." option and pasting something into the "Input text" form.

The source code of this generator is available under the terms of the MIT license. See the original posting on this generator here.

This fork adds a (quite large) source corpus of International Art English (IAE), collected by Richard Alexander Hall. You may find that it generates paragraphs which only require a bit of editing to make them as "coherent" as so much that you've seen (and, if you're me, been very annoyed at) in museums. Want an "Artist Statement?" The GO button is your friend. Copy, paste, and edit a bit. Done! This forked code available yon.

Input text

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Kožarić wrote, "Plaster casts should be viewed as heroes, not pariahs."

--This here gibberish generator.

. . . also interrogates how artists choose to perform martyrdom for the helpless victim of gun violence.


I often base these characters on my family and friends, intertwining the complex relations between societies, understanding between abstract segments. The autopsy has already been performed, so the body is in the footsteps of the great masters of the exterior / physical body. The hand . . . as mediator to the act of painting, was drowning. I was five. A sunny August day, sitting and absorbed in her thoughts; she's observed by her own eyes appearing through the action of painting over to a technical, material discourse and thus to an ‘expressive' discourse filtered through the union movement or community group.