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Planet Hebe (CG/Photoshop) from "TREACHERY" sci-fi short story

Planet Hebe (CG/Photoshop) from "TREACHERY" sci-fi short story published on No Comments on Planet Hebe (CG/Photoshop) from "TREACHERY" sci-fi short story
Insert illustration by yours truly, of planet Hebe from the story in subject. The story release announcement post is at this link. The high resolution image (tap or click the below image) is free for personal use.

See for original, print and usage. ~ Through the red and violet of a nebula, three suns shine faint white, white and blue, and behind them is a larger, circular, lightless void. Stars are scattered through the nebula like very large jewels along a galactic shore. Tangled in the cloud of the nebula in front of the suns hangs planet Hebe, her great green and brown rings, clouds, continents, and vast blue oceans drenched in the scattered, colored light of the nebula. Borealis slowly dance all over her.
Planet Hebe from TREACHERY short story
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